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Why do you need to buy App store reviews?


Before looking into the never-ending benefits of this style of marketing campaign, it’s important to highlight some of the most important considerations when selecting a review agency. Some product image falls down due to some negatives or false reviews. This is understandable as they naturally want to support the integrity of their reviews system. However who is responsible to decide what a fair review is?

A product seeks out and actively removes blatantly false reviews. These are easy to spot and in some cases apps have fallen from 20k+ reviews to less than a fifth of that figure – with predictable consequences for their ranking position. This is why it’s essential to use a review agency that uses multiple people from all over the world. Mixed IP addresses are vital to protect reviews from being removed, as too is a mix of scores.


Expect Faster Results and Enhanced Revenue


When an App is released and you buy app store reviews, it’s crucial to gain exposure right away. Obviously it helps if the app is excellent at what it does, but it’s much easier to promote a new product as compared to the one which has been low ranked on the market for a long time. The best way developers can do this is to buy app store reviews. As an early initial push to gain interest it’s a small investment which can pay for itself very swiftly. Remember that after this early rise through the ranks other users will download and reviews that app.

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Role of the IOS App Review

As we know that software and applications are very important in our life same as reviews are also very important in the current scenario. First of all, these actions attract attention of other people because everyone nowadays is curious about reviews. Think of your own, what will happen if you are looking out for a good app and find positive IOS app store reviews on its page on app market or official website? You get curious about the app. Here does the conclusion appear. High app rating and positive feedback attract people and drive more traffic. However, this kind of promotion does not have the direct target; it will play a useful part in search optimization. It happens because in their comments people tend to use keywords. That’s why you cannot help but buy IOS App reviews.


Reasons to Buy Reviews

IOS app reviews are another good way to increase the level of your app recognition. Every product looks more reliable and attractive in case it has a strong users’ feedback. They come as a handy tool and a part of a huge mobile app marketing strategy. Every time you want to build a strong brand for your startup, you should make users review app IOS, leave comments and testimonials. On the other hand, it is hard to enable an efficient feedback for a newly launched product.

Various ad networks and companies offer a good solution to this problem. Here you may buy an app store review. The best bet is to purchase real reviews that feature detailed guides, descriptions and opinions on various issues related to your product. Fake reviews may result in poor reputation as well as some pitfalls when it comes to SEO. There are many experts in the market that will lend you a hand every time you need to review IOS app at the most affordable prices.


There are many advantages of the app reviews. They are as follows:

1. After the app is downloaded and installed by the users, they themselves post honest experiences and feedback about them to the developer. The reviews make help to developer for learning about the various issues and shortcomings of the app instantly.

2. The developer also gets valuable suggestions from the users so as to plan the next action regarding the app as to how to really improve it.

3. One big advantage is that the more reviews the app get, the more chances it has to be seen by more people. That is the number of reviews about the app determines the future status of the app as how much it will be advertised in the play store.

4. With the help of reviews the developer directly involved with the users of the app and the developer also feels a sense of achievement, contentment, reward, and encouragement after reading especially the positive reviews.

5. Sometimes the developer is the route taken from the paid reviews, as in other words, android reviews are also buying from the developer.

6. Sometimes particular person, mostly an expert invited by developer for writing detailed reviews about the app.

7. Reviews writing are mostly done by the external website publisher. Almost all the reviews are undoubtedly written positively about the app and that happens mostly because of the monetary benefits the reviewer gets from the developer.

8. To buy IOS app reviews can be an option sometimes on the app page on the play store. Here the reviews are mostly short ones, in one to three lines. But the numbers vary, the more of them, the better it is for the app. These can be written even by the general users, not necessarily by any expert. Here too, the review writers have some monetary benefits, although that is less as compared to the expert in the above point.

9. These app review help to increase the number of downloads of the app, again, the more the reviews, especially the positive ones, the more downloads will be of the app. In turn, getting more revenue to the developer and enhancing the reputation.

10. Not just to the developers, buying IOS app reviews is also useful to the users. They get desired improvements to the app because of the reviews.

11. The review section is the best one for the users to express themselves about the app, whether it is positive or negative, or anything else.

12. The developer obviously tells only the good and positive things about the app on the app page. But it is the reviews section which gives the true picture about the app to the new and potential users.


Why Buy iOS App Reviews – Answering the Big Question?

Marketing as app is extremely crucial for its longevity in the market and this can be done in a number of ways. Is buying app reviews one of them? Read on to know more.

It is a very well known fact that marketing an app is just as difficult and crucial as developing them is. The time and effort it takes is no less and without proper marketing, many fine apps have been seen to sink and get lost in the huge sea of apps doing the rounds in the market. Similarly, many trashy apps have also been seen to have done good based only on the exceptional marketing that they had done. This is precisely the reason why developers opt to buy app store reviews.


The Benefits of Buying iOS App Reviews

Buying app reviews does not necessarily mean buying thousands of false 5-star review. It is the number or volume of reviews that really matter. However, when it comes to iOS app store reviews, it should also be remembered that Apple makes very sure to clamp down the obviously false reviews. This is to protect the authenticity of the review system, which is also fair. However, the truth still does not change. It still remains important for developers to buy iOS app reviews for their apps to boost its popularity.


There are also certain other benefits of buying these reviews:

  • Buying app reviews means your ratings and reviews would increase exponentially propelling more and more people to download and use your app. This automatically gives a boost to your revenue as well, which is of course the primary purpose of your app.
  • There are many companies, which let you buy app store reviews. But only some among them will make sure that these reviews are done by real people and not bots. This makes sure that the reviews are not monotonous, similar or simply akin to basic 5-star rating. The bought reviews are unique every time and also serve their purpose well.
  • It goes without saying that the more number of positive reviews you have, the more likely it is for people to download and use your app. So this is obvious that positive reviews have a direct impact on the number of installs and the popularity of your app in the app market.
  • Having more reviews also mean that your app is effective as well as interesting. That automatically helps your app rise higher in the list of the most sought after apps in the store. So if you are indeed competitive in this regard and want to get better, to buy iOS app reviews is a small investment that you have to make.

The benefits of buying app reviews are never-ending. However, the points that are crucial and need to be remembered are what we have discussed here. If you are convinced enough, go ahead, get yourself some ratings, and see your app getting in the top charts within no time.


Ways to Enhance iOS App Reviews – 3 Smart Tips

(Short Summary) -While purchasing items nowadays, the first thing we tend to do is take a look at the reviews. The opinion of other consumers is a very important concern when it comes to buy any particular product. Be it dresses, accessories, movies or even mobile apps- the rule does not change. Here is how you an increase your review figures.

The funny thing about app reviews is that, these reviews and ratings primarily decide how high in the list of innumerable apps, a specific app would be placed. The higher the rating, the higher in the list it goes. The iOS app store is incredibly crowded at the moment and to get ahead of them all you will need a lot more positive reviews than what your near ones can get you. App reviews are very crucial for giving your App a boost and they do not always happen with thousands of people running back to the App store to review your App. The funny thing about reviews is that people only have the tendency to head back and put a review for your app when their experience is not so good. Take a look at these three ways in which you can get more positive app reviews for your app:

1)  Make use of the app-Review Plug-Ins

The simplest way to get a review for your app is to just ask. These turnkey plug-ins for the iOS make it as simple as to prompt the user to give their reviews. They pop-up and ask the user to rate your app after they have used for a certain period of time or a certain number of times. The only thing to take care of is that the plug-in should not pop up frequently or annoy the user as that might get you some bad reviews.

2)  Make your service top-notch with instant messaging windows

The “Send Feedback” button often opens up an email window for you, that looks pretty cumbersome to fill up and send. Instead you can opt for the instant messaging windows that will make the customer’s job easier and your service far more accessible. There are certain web-based dashboards that help your users to send direct one-one messages inside the app and also help you to provide the best kind of support possible.

3)  Buy iOS app reviews

To go and buy app store reviews at the moment is the best way for develops to increase their exposure in the app market and get popular. It is a small investment that needs to be done in the early stages so as to make the future of the app stronger in the overly crowded app world. Once you actually go ahead and buy app reviews, you will realize the snowball effect of the entire thing as your popularity will witness exponential growth benefitting both you and your app to a great extent.

No matter which of the above tips you find interesting and start to follow, they will help you incredibly in making it big in the app world. However, the key ingredient of the success of your iOS app will always be its effectiveness and efficiency. Once you are sure that these are in order, you can easily arrange for some good reviews and get on top of that list we have been talking about.