5 ways to Retain Customers and Reduce Churn

5 ways to Retain Customers and Reduce Churn

We talked about decoding your buyer intent signals, now it’s time to talk about 5 ways to support account reps and CSMs.

At this point, you’ve begun utilizing buyer intent data. You know what your customers are doing. You’ve aligned with other departments to create a seamless experience. Now you need to create a bank of helpful assets to support your account reps and customer success managers.

You should equip your customer success team with:

    • Content that reps can distribute to help educate or inform buyers about your product.
    • Integrations to streamline processes and make data accessible through tools your reps already use and understand.
    • Messaging reps can reference and utilize when reaching out to customers.
    • Social proof reps can reference to influence and validate the buyer’s decision.
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Intent data gives you insight into the buyer’s mindset but the next step is to ensure your team can put that information to work.


1. Validate decisions with Best in Software Awards

Make sure you are consistently soliciting user reviews. An active review collection strategy will increase your opportunity.

Account managers can highlight your product’s feature in a best of software list when following up with customers who are actively researching competitors. This can help reassure the customer they’ve made the right choice and that you are continuing to prove your value to them.


2. Drive confidence

Arm your reps with access to your leader badges so they can reference these assets in conversations.

These assets can be leveraged during quarterly business reviews (QBR) or simply placed in email signatures to subliminally encourage confidence with customers. These actions work well together by following customers who might be exploring different pages, but who are not showing a heavy indication of jumping ship quite yet.

92% of consumers won’t make a purchase without a trust badge or logo on a website.


3. Simplify processes with integrations and levers

As mentioned, it’s crucial to consistently collect reviews. Customer success reps can utilize various free tools to easily and safely collect reviews from your existing customers.

If you use an integration like LinkedIn Matched Audiences, create an audience of customers who have been looking at Alternatives pages or performing comparisons. You can then target these customers with confidence-boosting messages and content.


4. Personalize communication with strong messaging

Buyer intent data takes the guesswork out of account renewals. It gives account reps the power to create strong, personalized messages that speak to the concerns of specific customers and avoid churn.

For instance, if your intent data signaled an existing customer ran a comparison against you and three other products, an account rep could send a timely email like the one below:

Hi [First Name], It’s been [account length] since you partnered with [Your Company]! First, I want to thank you for being our customer. I’ve enjoyed working with you and am excited to continue helping you succeed moving forward.  Since renewal time is right around the corner, I wanted to share some recent successes with you. [Your Company] was recently ranked [position] on in Software list for [category]! We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in our industry. [Your Company] works hard to offer our customers what others cannot: [differentiator 1], [differentiator 2], and [differentiator 3]. I’d love to connect soon and answer any questions and see how we can continue to help you meet your goals. 

This email is highly personal and provides social proof by acknowledging your inclusion. It gives you the ability to explain how your product is different from the specific competitors this customer viewed. And although it calls out core competitive differentiators, the email still maintains focus on your customer relationship.


5. Provide marketing air cover

Marketing should work to create high-value assets for account reps to help validate the customer’s decision. This could take the form of educational material made in-house, such as blogs and digital pamphlets.

Your marketing team can create a list of customers who have been lighting up intent signals and help craft special messages to drive confidence and superiority in your category. Similarly, you can create simple nurture campaigns using existing content to remind customers of the plethora of resources available.


Say goodbye to frequent churn

Buyer intent data lets you see what customers are researching so you can work to retain accounts and reduce churn. You can stay one step ahead of your competitors and keep your most valuable customers.

Get inside the mind of the buyer. See which customers are actively researching competitors, so you have a chance to make it right. 

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