Nowadays, nobody can deny the power of Apple and the whole army of its users around the world. Each iOS release brings more promise in terms of wholeness, and extensiveness in the features offered to its users. Therefore, smartphone enthusiasts want to be aware of the iOS 14.6 benefits, and features of the latest release from Apple.


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Apple and iOS have always promised holistic experiences for users. So, iPhone and iPad owners perform operations and live in a consistent state of usability and ease with lesser hassle. The new features of every iOS version also follow the same lines – greater capacity for doing more.

Every iOS release brings in tons of excitement and room for discussion for Apple users worldwide and in the USA. Accordingly, what’s new in iOS and Apple trended as iOS 14.6 version arrived in grand style on 24th May 2021. Although the big iOS 14.5 update was launched only a month ago on 26th April 2021.

That’s the motto that iOS 14.6 lives up to with a promise for future releases to follow the suit. Consequently, the iOS app developers create performant mobile applications to enhance user experience in all business sectors. Because the iOS platform has diversity and high-end features for users of all kinds.

Top innovative Advantages of Apple iOS 14.6 in a nutshell

Globally mobile users like to know what’s latest in iOS, and what is Apple up to in 2022. Just like all iOS versions, releases of iOS 14 have their specific features for discussion. The best part about each iOS version is that it always provides a great opportunity for mobile application makers. Similarly, it also enables iPhone developers to stay in touch with the latest trends.

This way they can bring greater innovation to their developed products. At day-end, it’s all about bringing next-gen level mobile apps. In today’s fierce competition, creativity and ingenuity are necessary to make the released apps win in the market.

Thus, the release of iOS 14.6 has been no different. Apple iOS now has many brand-new exciting features. For instance, Face ID unlocking while wearing masks, and stopping apps from tracking you for advertising purposes. What a relief, eh?

Additionally, iOS 14.6 brings four different voices for Siri (Apple’s virtual assistant). Also, it provides a way to locate lost AirTag trackers and extensive Apple music support. And lastly, bug fixes for iPhone devices!

Much like iOS 14, the iOS 14.6 version is compatible with all the latest Apple devices. For example, iPhone 6S till iPhone 12, even iPhone SE and iPod Touch. Let’s look at iOS 14.6 benefits to familiarize yourself with what’s new in iOS release of late.

  • Apple Card Family
  • Adding Contact Email with AirTag
  • Greater Accessibility
  • Bug Fixes
  • Apple Podcasts Subscriptions
  • Refined Beta Tool Options
  • Apple Music Support

Next, we discuss the prominent iOS 14.6 benefits and the advantages it delivers.

Apple Card Family

Yes, just as the name suggests, the new iOS 14.6 release launches the feature of the Apple Card family. It lets you share Apple Card with up to 5 people (13 years or above) in a family sharing group. The best thing about this is that it allows you to track expenses and managing spending through limits and controls.

You can also build credit. So, if you have teens in your family with credit cards, you can monitor their spending. Along with, keeping a check on how much they are spending, you can even limit it all together.

Adding Contact Email with AirTag

This feature is splendid because the AirTag tracker helps you locate your items. It allows putting the tag in lost mode and be notified when it’s within range of the find my network. Now, the latest release allows you to even input a contact email instead of a phone number.

In case, someone else finds your AirTag. Then, they can use their iPhone or any other NFC-capable device to view your contact number and contact you. It’s awesomeness to a whole new level.

Greater Accessibility

Now, the mobile platform market is brimming with great emphasis on customer-centricity. So, iOS and Android are consistently working to make users more aware of the new possibilities. As a result, iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 both enable users to unlock their devices after the restart with voice.

Speaking of 2022, this is something truly amazing. Because no other mobile operating system currently offers this feature. where typically one has to unlock the device through a passcode.

Bug Fixes

When there is a release, it also brings in a good number of fixes. Earlier, there was the case where the reminders may display as blank lines. Bluetooth devices tended to disconnect and send audio to some other device during a phone call.

All such bugs are fixed in iPhone iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 versions. The following are some of the major bugs that have been fixed.

  • Unlocking iPhone with Apple watch
  • Reminders showing up as blank lines
  • Call blocking extensions
  • Bluetooth device audio during a call
  • Reduced performance during startup

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Now, you can subscribe to individual podcast shows or channels. Millions of podcasts are free to listen to. While for premium content, you need to do is pay a monthly or annual fee to your favorite podcast creators. This way you can support their podcast programs. Thus, they can continue recording and airing their podcast shows and productions.

To be a podcast creator, you must pay $19.99 annually to Apple. Moreover, you share a 30% revenue of each subscriber for the first year with Apple. Then, for the subsequent years, Apple cuts 15% subscription revenue for every subscriber.

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Refined Beta Tool Options

With iOS 14.6 version, mobile development for iPhone and iPad gets a massive boost. As developers and testers can upgrade to an iOS release candidate. That too without having to remove their developer or beta profile. Earlier, programmers had to remove their developer profile, before iOS 14.6 went live to the general public.

The developers could decide whether they wanted to upgrade their device to iOS 14.5 release. Or they desired up-gradation to the beta version of iOS 14.6. However, the new software update menu is now available in device settings. So, you can also find this option and avail it right away.

Apple Music Support

Presently, Apple music is all about high quality. Apple users internationally and in the United States, are fond of streaming great quality music. This is why Apple is now offering Dolby Atmos at no additional cost.

It is probably to directly compete with Spotify and make the experience of music extremely worthwhile for the users. Now, Apple iOS 14.6 promises greater quality and depth to everyone’s favorite music. In turn, this makes users more hooked to an already elevated user experience.