iOS 15 Delivers Big ASO Changes and Opportunities

iOS 15 Delivers Big ASO Changes and Opportunities

The introduction of iOS 15 brought some substantial ASO (App Store Optimization) changes. User acquisition (UA) managers will now have various app store profiles available for organic and paid traffic. This is an exciting opportunity to rethink UA strategy and CPI (cost per install) activities through customized app store profiles.

Let’s look at what iOS15 has in store for ASO.


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iOS 15 Splits the App Store

One of the biggest takeaways from the iOS 15 release is that Apple is splitting the App Store in two. One will be for organic traffic, while the other will be for paid.

This enables you to deliver targeted messaging in different ways.


Two Stores, Two Strategies

Let’s dive deeper into the organic and paid profiles.



For organic, search and browse lead them to the default product page with three variations. You’ll be able to test these out against one another.

You can use different icons, screenshots, and app preview videos for each treatment. You can also determine the traffic split to these over the three variations in the organic channel.



You can have up to 35 custom product pages (CPPs) optimized to fit specific audience segments for paid traffic. You’ll have control over the app preview video, screenshots, and promotional text. Icons remain the same. Each of your CPPs is accessible through a unique Apple App Store URL.

Traffic split is not an option here, but you do have individual URLs to use in campaigns. This is a massive breakthrough for UA tactics. For years, you’ve only had one profile for traffic to land. Now you have options. It’s very akin to using various landing pages depending on segmenting and intent.

By matching customized pages that align with a user’s needs and motivation, your rates of installs could increase significantly.


How to Plan for iOS 15 ASO Changes

Here are some ASO tips to consider to be ready for iOS 15:

  • Revisit your audience profiles and discern the best targets based on your data.
  • Understand that search and browse funnels are different and strategize accordingly.
  • Define the tests you want to run and your hypothesis for each.
  • Consider how to continue to optimize CPPs over time.
  • Decide on traffic split for organic profiles.
  • Start working on new creative that’s audience specific.

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