New Hero Jack-O, Pirate Captain Flan, and Guilty Gear Strive Collaboration Returns

New Hero Jack-O, Pirate Captain Flan, and Guilty Gear Strive Collaboration Returns

If we had to decide on any stream that may very well be deemed occurring and thrilling on the identical time, it could be the one everybody witnessed on seventeenth March 2022 the place multitudes of data have been offered for Epic Seven the reside 2D turn-based RPG title by Smilegate. The streams have been hosted by the sport’s neighborhood managers Mashuu and Gegury on their official YouTube channel in addition to Twitch channel concurrently. Gamers who took half within the streams got particular reward codes which can be found to be redeemed for each participant to get particular rewards that embrace 3 leifs and 300,000 Gold. This week’s reside stream code was – 03ggjacko18. Gamers merely put this code within the offered reward field that’s out there to all participant’s in-game mailbox.


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This week’s replace reside stream was a record-breaking hit as acknowledged by the neighborhood managers and your complete neighborhood themselves. This was coming due to the shortage of content material prior to now patches however no person anticipated the announcement of a significant re-run collaboration with Responsible Gear Try. This time, one other new hero is being added from the Responsible Gear universe – the half-robot half-human cyborg lady Jack-O. Extra log-in occasions, responsible gear particular aspect story, and summoning banners can even be seen alongside the re-run collaboration. The latest ML hero Pirate Captain Flan was additionally added to the sport. Let’s verify all the brand new happenings in Epic Seven.

Pirate Captain Flan – Darkish Elemental 5-Star Unit

Pirate Captain Flan is the most recent unit coming to Epic Seven, tied with the discharge of the subsequent hero we shall be discussing. She is the primary Moonlight 5-Star unit introduced for this month and is the Darkish elemental model of the hero Flan. She is sort of chirpy however will be menacing at instances as pirates are hardened by the seas. At max stage and woke up, Pirate Captain Flan has a medium base Assault of 1182 and an effectiveness of 18%. Gamers will have the ability to enhance the Well being% of all allies with Imprint Launch and increase their very own Assault utilizing Imprint Focus.

Pirate Captain Flan is a novel new unit coming to the sport as she goals to extend the effectivity and utilization of Bomb and Burn items within the Area and RTA. She will be able to immediately detonate any Bombs or Burn results on the goal she is attacking together with her single focused damaging 1st potential Execution. This talent may sound damaged however there’s extra to it as you may anticipate she would must be paired with different heroes who can apply these results. No, Pirate Captain Flan’s third potential Full Burst is an AOE potential that targets all enemies and applies Bombs and Burn for two turns every, earlier than reducing the fight readiness of all enemies by 25% and growing her personal Assault for two turns. She additional will get a fight readiness increase o 50%. This talent is on a base 5 flip cooldown however will be expert all the way down to 4 turns. It is a large setup talent that compared with the likes of Seaside Iseria can result in large 1-shot destruction. This will also be thought of talent for cleave groups. Her passive potential Scourge of the Sea states that 30% of the injury she takes shall be redirected to the foremost ally. Nonetheless, just one injury sharing impact will be lively at a single time which implies gamers can not stack her with Aurius, Adamant Defend, and Proof of Valor utilizing items.

Additional, this passive additionally states that if Pirate Captain Flan has a buff on herself when she makes use of her 1st potential Execution, then she is going to additional activate Hunt. Hunt is an AOE fight readiness increase by 10% (15% if totally expert up) for all allies. Hunt can solely be activated as soon as each 2 turns. General, Pirate Captain Flan seems to be to be an amazing unit for cleavers in PvP utilization. Her PvE utilization continues to be suspected to be decrease than common.

Pirate Captain Flan’s abilities are as follows:

Execution – Assaults the enemy with a gun and on the finish of the flip, detonates burn and bomb results inflicted on the goal.

Scourge of the Sea (Passive) – Redirects 30% of injury suffered by the caster to the foremost ally. When multiple injury sharing impact is granted, solely the strongest impact is utilized. After utilizing Execution on the caster’s flip, when the caster has a buff, prompts Hunt. Hunt can solely be activated as soon as each 2 turns. Hunt: Raises morale of all allies, growing Fight Readiness by 10%.

Pack Hunt – Will increase Assault of the caster for two turns and assaults all enemies with a barrage of cannon hearth, inflicting burn and planting a bomb for two turns, earlier than reducing fight readiness by 25%. Will increase Fight Readiness of the caster by 50%.

Jack-O – New Fireplace Elemental 5-Star Unit

Jack-O is the half human and half robotic famed character from the Responsible Gear collection. That is the third re-run of the Responsible Gear collaboration and Epic Seven with every re-run bringing new heroes from the Responsible Gear franchise to the sport. Jack-O is the most recent new unit within the RGB part of Epic Seven and he or she goes to be out there to be summoned on her personal unique banner ranging from twenty fourth March 2022. Gamers can assure to summon her inside 120 summons in the event that they want to pity her. Now lets a take a look at her abilities and see if she’s well worth the funding.

Jack-O is a Fireplace elemental unit that’s categorized as a Warrior. At max stage and max woke up, she has a excessive base Assault of 1228, Essential Hit Likelihood of 23%, and Essential Hit Injury of 165%. This already makes her appropriate as a top-tier DPS unit. Gamers can enhance allies’ Effectiveness in the event that they use Imprint Launch or they enhance her Assault utilizing Imprint Focus. Jack-O’s equipment revolves round Stuns and 1-Shot injury potential together with her final potential. Her 1st talent Throw Servant is a single focused damaging talent that offers injury to the enemy and has a 30% probability of beautiful the goal for 1 flip. If the goal has a debuff, Jack-O will use Mud Assault on the goal once more after the preliminary hit. Mud Assault can be a single goal damaging talent that grants Stealth to her for 1 flip. Her 2nd talent is a passive talent known as Trick-Or-Deal with. This passive potential states that Jack-O will grant Chain of Chiron to the backmost ally for two turns.

If the ally who has this Chain of Chiron buff, which can’t be dispelled, assaults a Shocked enemy, then all allies will get a fight readiness increase of 15% (20% if totally expert). This impact solely occurs as soon as each 3 turns. Chain of Chiron additionally offers the person a buff the place they’ve a 25% probability to Stun the goal for 1 flip. Her third potential Ceaselessly Elysion Driver is a single focused damaging talent that offers penetrative injury to the enemy which ignores 50% protection and does extra injury if the enemy is debuffed. If the goal is killed by this talent, Jack-O will get an additional flip as nicely.

Jack-O’s abilities are as follows: –

Throw Servant – Assaults the enemy with a servant, with a 30% probability to stun for 1 flip. After attacking the caster’s flip, when the goal has a debuff, prompts Mud Assault as an additional assault.

Mud Assault – Assaults the enemy by throwing them into the air, granting stealth to the caster for 1 flip.

Trick-Or-Deal with (Passive) – At first of the battle, grant Chain of Chiron to the ally within the again row for two turns. After an ally assaults, when the goal is shocked, will increase the Fight Readiness of all allies by 15%. This impact is activated after the entire attacker’s results have occurred, and may solely be activated as soon as each 3 turns. Chains of Chiron: After attacking, has a 25% probability to stun the goal for 1 flip. Chain of Chiron can’t be dispelled.

Chains of Chiron: After attacking, has a 25% probability to stun the goal for 1 flip. Chain of Chiron can’t be dispelled.

Ceaselessly Elysion Driver – Will increase Assault of the caster for two turns, earlier than attacking the enemy by swallowing them with a jack-o’-lantern. When the enemy is defeated, it grants an additional flip. Penetrates the goal’s Protection by 50%. When the goal has a debuff, injury dealt will increase.

Jack-O’s Image (Artifact) – Will increase Effectiveness of all allies by 20.0%. If the goal has a debuff when the caster assaults with a Single Assault, will increase the injury by as much as 24.0%. This Artifact can solely be utilized to 1 Hero inside the group.

Problem Aspect Story – Scales of Juno

The Problem Aspect Story titled Scales of Juno shall be coming to the sport after the replace on seventeenth March 2022. That is going to be a 2-week aspect story. As traditional with these collaboration aspect tales, it is going to supply restricted supplies and different juicy rewards. The story description reads – “Epic Seven x Responsible Gear -STRIVE- Collaboration

Responsible Gear -STRIVE- Problem Aspect Story, Scales of Juno will start now.”

Gamers can play the problem aspect story by going to Journey – Aspect Story – Scales of Juno. It’s a 2-week aspect story that shows the story for Jack-O and interactions with different characters from Responsible Gear Try. It is a problem aspect story and never your traditional run-of-the-mill aspect story the place gamers roam round a map that consists of various phases and farm occasion forex whereas finishing repute missions. In problem aspect tales, as we now have seen with earlier Responsible Gear Try collaboration iterations, gamers are offered a boss stage which they should battle and full.

The preliminary clears of the tales on the completely different difficulties which can be out there will give gamers a quick thought in regards to the story in a traditional dialogue kind. The problem aspect story is on the market in 4 completely different difficulties: Straightforward, Regular, Arduous, and Hell. The phases have an opportunity of dropping the occasion forex known as “Jack-O’s Lollipop” required for redeeming the varied rewards from the change store. The assorted rewards out there by means of the aspect tales are as follows:

  • Sol Badguy 5-Star Hero x 5 – 5 Jack-O’s Lollipop Every
  • Junkyard Canine 5-Star Artifact x 5 – 3 Jack-O’s Lollipop Every
  • Portrait of the Saviour 4-Star Artifact x Infinite – 1 Jack-O’s Lollipop Every
  • Gold x 4200 (Infinite) – 1 Jack-O’s Lollipop Every

New Unique Tools

The latest unique tools is right here! Unique tools is extraordinarily useful for heroes who really feel they’re overlooked of the meta or are underperforming within the areas they have been meant to be focused in the direction of. They vastly affect the steadiness quotient in-game and will be thought of as buffs for the heroes who obtain them. Within the newest replace, we are going to see 3 new unique items of apparatus for Elena, Ray, and Watcher Schrui. Listed below are the brand new unique tools and their abilities:

  • Information of Holy Brilliance (Impact Resistance 8-16%) (5-Star Hero Elena)
  • Guardian’s Authority – Consecrated Floor will increase Fight Readiness of the caster by a further 5%.
  • Eternally Shining Comet – Dispels one debuff from all allies earlier than the talent impact when utilizing Eternally Shining Comet.
  • Eternally Shining Comet – Decreases talent cooldown of Eternally Shining Comet by 1 flip.
  • Flawless Wings (Impact Resistance 8-16%) (5-Star Hero Ray)
  • Excessive Cures – If all allies are Earth elemental Heroes, decreases the cooldown of Invigorate by 1 flip when utilizing Excessive Cures on the caster’s flip.
  • Gentle of Rebirth – The quantity recovered is elevated by 15% when utilizing Gentle of Rebirth.
  • Invigorate – Will increase Protection of the caster for two turns when utilizing Invigorate.
  • The Watcher’s Monocle (Pace 5-10) (4-Star Hero Watcher Schuri)
  • Quickfire – Decreases Fight Readiness of all enemies by 20% when utilizing Quickfire.
  • Ending Shot – Grants talent nullifier as soon as to the caster when utilizing Ending Shot.
  • Ending Shot – Decreases talent cooldown of Ending Shot by 1 flip.

March 2022 Drop Fee-Up Banners

  • Dizzy and Necro Undine (Restricted Summon Banner 17/03/2022 – 31/03/2022)
  • Baiken and Torn Sleeve (Restricted Summon Banner 17/03/2022 – 31/03/2022)
  • Jack-O and Jack-O’s Image (Restricted Summon Banner 24/03/2022 – 6/04/2022)
  • Elphelt Valentine and Ms.Confille (Restricted Summon Banner 24/03/2022 – 6/04/2022)
  • Pirate Captain Flan and Fighter Maya (Mystic Summon Banner 17/03/2022)

That covers all the brand new heroes and content material coming with the third iteration of the Responsible Gear Try collaboration with Epic Seven in addition to the overall replace which occurred on seventeenth March 2022. Gamers can be happy to learn the official patch notes to get an in-depth understanding of the upcoming content material.