Paid User Acquisition: Coin Master Advertising & Creative Strategies

Paid User Acquisition: Coin Master Advertising & Creative Strategies

It is difficult to know what Moon Active’s advertising budget for “Gold Coin Master” is, but I guess it is quite large. Especially when you consider that “Coin Master” is known for its huge mobile game influencer activity.

However, paying user acquisition activities are not all about advertising budget-it is also about creativity. More specifically, video ads on social media and video ads on advertising networks. This is exactly what Yuehuo Company is good at.

It’s no secret that Coin Master’s ads are very effective and have brought millions of users to this game.

But what is the secret behind the coin master advertisement?


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Dissection of  Top-Performing Coin Master Ads

These are the current top-performing Coin Master ads. They include ads for Facebook as well as other ad networks.

Coin Master Influencer Campaign Ads

Let’s start with the most prevalent and most popular Coin Master advertising campaign that’s all about celebrities/influencers.

You have probably seen a Kardashian playing Coin Master pop up on Instagram or Facebook. Those ads started rolling back in 2019. However, there are many different variations of those ads, many of which are still active and among the top-performing Coin Master ads.

The campaign features not only the Kardashians, but Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Higgins, Rick Harrison, Rae Sremmurd, Terry Crews, Joan Rivers, NeNe, and Emily Ratajkowski.


In this variation of the Coin Master Kardashian ad, we see Khloe spin the wheel. She gets to raid Scott’s village and steal some coins. But then, her mother Kris attacks her village. Khloe attacks her back and destroys Kris’ village.

In the ad, we see both Khloe, along with her commentary, and the gameplay.

So, what makes this a top-performing ad?

Well, the main appeal of the ad comes from, of course, the Kardashians. It’s attention-grabbing – people see Khloe in the first few seconds of the ad and it makes them keep watching instead of scrolling past it.

Love them or hate them, they’re known all around the world, and featuring them in a mobile game ad was bound to garner attention.

Furthermore, their popularity makes them the perfect influencers – many people value recommendations from the Kardashians and want to be just like them.

However, not everybody can afford to have their product endorsed by the most famous family in the world. Reportedly, one Instagram post from someone in the Kardashian family can cost up to one million dollars. It is unclear how much Moon Active spent on this campaign, but I can assume it’s something most mobile game publishers can only dream of.

But back to the ad.


I want to emphasize that it’s not enough to have a celebrity or an influencer in an ad. Them just randomly appearing in the ad will not magically get you more users.

It’s important to come up with a great ad concept and make the influencers look like they’re truly interested in the game.

In Coin Master ads, that is accomplished in several different ways.

Firstly, the concept of the ad makes sense. Khloe is not out of place there – she’s playing against her family. All of them are tied together in the ad through gameplay.

Furthermore, Khloe talks in a very casual way and looks like she’s really into playing the game. She makes funny remarks, reacts emotionally to the gameplay, gets angry at her mother, all in a very natural way. That makes her seem more credible and trustworthy.

You think to yourself, “If Khloe likes this game so much, I will too – it looks exciting!”

Note that there are captions for Khloe – this is important since oftentimes video ads autoplay on mute.

An extra detail are user comments on the left side praising Khloe and the game. Once again, it’s all about social proof.

Another smart thing about this ad is that we can see everything that Khloe is talking about, i.e., gameplay footage. That aspect of the ad gives the viewers a taste of how the game looks and some of the basic game mechanics.


The approach for the J.Lo Coin Master ad is quite similar.

The setup is the same visually – a celebrity in the bottom right corner superimposed on gameplay footage and user comments on the left.

Just like with Khloe, we see Jennifer Lopez trying to appear like a ‘normal’, everyday person. She even says, “It’s challenging sometimes. Being a mom, a singer, an actor.”

It makes viewers feel like she’s one of them (even though that’s not really the case).

I would describe the acting as semi-believable and at times cringy, just like Khloe’s. But hey, who am I to judge? It’s lighthearted, funny, and seems to be believable enough considering people are responding to it positively.

Even if it’s feigned, the emotion is there – J.Lo gets mad when her village is raided, wants to get revenge, and seems truly invested in the game. Just like Khloe seemed to be playing with her family, Jennifer is playing with people in her life, i.e., her choreographer Tabitha. It serves the purpose of making it more believable.

In short, both ads have the exact same concept, but the celebrity is different.

To finish off, I want to mention the ad copy, which you can see below.


Once again, it’s about representing J.Lo as an avid Coin Master player. Furthermore, it hints that she might attack your village. In other words, that if you play Coin Master, you might end up playing against a celebrity like Jenny from the block. That’s a powerful implication that makes people interested.


There’s another J.Lo ad, but for ironSource. It’s also among top Coin Master creatives but has a different concept altogether.

This ad doesn’t feature gameplay footage like the previous ones, but a mock J.Lo interview instead. She talks about what it’s like to be a top Coin Master player. It’s supposed to be humorous and fun.

Then she gets a notification that Tabitha destroyed her village.

Notice there’s a typo in the captions, which says “Tabetha”. Now, mistakes happen. But if you’re spending an ungodly amount of money to produce and run these ads, can’t you spellcheck it?

The ad ends with J.Lo getting upset that Tabitha attacked her village. Right as she’s getting up and leaving, the Coin Master logo, a graphic, and a CTA button appear, along with the “Available on” buttons.

The call-to-action is a classic “Play now”.

The newest addition to Coin Master’s celebrity influencer roster is Cardi B who brings you the weather report in this fun ad.

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