Behind the Feedback: Conversational Feedback

Behind the Feedback: Conversational Feedback

Take a look at the feedback we will get from you. Are you waiting for a conversational user interface that makes the feedback experience easier, easier, more interesting, and particularly intuitive? Mopinion will make it a reality. Now let’s take a peek at the situation of conversational feedback.


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It all started with feedback-overkill

So what was the struggle we tried to tackle here? If you work in the fast-paced world of digital businesses, you probably are aware of how quickly features and tools get out of fashion. In the world of feedback, we saw a shift happening: More and more companies are collecting feedback from all different channels, from web to apps and email. Which is great, because getting to know the ‘why’ behind your data is needed to improve, don’t get us wrong. But in some cases it has created a bit of a feedback overkill.

Consumers seem overwhelmed by the amount of emails, surveys and pop-ups asking for their opinion. Too many CSAT email invites, Opt-in forms for lengthy surveys, review requests for third party sites… And therefore, tend to respond less, giving you less input to improve. It was clear, we had to come up with something new and refreshing.

Imagine the following: You want to buy a pair of sunglasses online. After researching different brands and marketplaces, let’s assume you found a pair you like and check it on the according website. Whilst scrolling through the products, you’ll first get asked for feedback about the website itself, then there is a feedback pop-up to collect your opinion about the search-process and most probably, a question about the description of the products. After the purchase itself, the emails start: the confirmation of the purchase itself with the logistical information, then you’ll probably receive a request for feedback about the purchase itself, then about the product and last but not least about the delivery. Sounds a bit time-consuming, doesn’t it?

And after all, let’s be honest: What’s really in it for the consumer?

That’s exactly what we thought. So we were looking for an easier and lighter way to collect feedback. We wanted to include users in the customer journey and really make them relevant in the process. We imagined giving them a fun user interface to interact with and offer them an experience with feedback that was as easy and non-invasive as possible. Therefore, let’s try to make your customers and users feel as if they’re having a chat with an old friend.

Let’s put things into context

No matter if you’re a CRO specialist, UX researcher, Digital Marketer or Product Manager, you most probably all have at least one thing in common:

You want your users to achieve their goal on your website.

So even though collecting online feedback has become key for the success of any digital business, it should definitely not interfere with the goal of your user. Listening to your customers has proven to be a great way to move forward with your business strategy, and this is exactly why collecting feedback should be made simple and as easy as possible.

So what our team was looking for, is to give feedback the feel of an everyday conversation with a peer. With your digital teams, you want to ensure that all the steps within your customer journey are relevant, so you’ll want the process of collecting feedback to be included as one of the relevant touchpoints.

But how did we actually come up with Conversational Feedback?

It’s always interesting to hear the story behind a feature, isn’t it? Conversational Feedback is something completely different and new, that we haven’t seen a lot on the market before.

Looking at market trends and working closely together with our customer support and customer success team, we are always on top of the pain points of our users. Add some trend research and innovation to the pot and the idea of Conversational Feedback was born!

The fast and easy way to capture online user feedback

So without further ado… Mopinion introduces: Conversational Feedback. The fast and easy way to capture online user feedback.

Conversational feedback is capture in-the-moment feedback via a programmable and personalised chat-like experience, which is promising higher response rates for your feedback efforts. In order to make collecting feedback more personal, you can choose the tone of voice, add GIFs, smileys and images to personalise the experience with this new feature.

We want you to have better interactions with your customers, which means from our side we offer you a helping hand to create engaging, intuitive feedback forms, that give your customers the same experience as having a casual conversation with one of your associates. With our customisable design, Mopinion arms you with the best tools to offer a seamless feedback experience, and an online experience which will ultimately increase feedback completion rates via casual, chat-like conversations.

Why is it better? Well,all of Mopinions survey question elements from our regular feedback surveys like Smiley, CES, NPS, open ends, categories and visual feedback (screenshots) can be used in this feature as well. And to take your feedback data to the next level: every conversation is connected to Mopinion’s insight and action solutions for further data analysis and follow up.

Conversational Feedback in a nutshell

Our goal is to support you in improving your user experience with capturing feedback in a personal and intuitive way, that does not distract visitors from reaching their online goals. Conversational Feedback will increase customer engagement, get more leads for website conversions, and simplify directing your visitors to the right places.

We’re looking forward to releasing this feature in the near future, that might improve the way you collect feedback!

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